At Thien Tam – Yoga and Meditation Centre, our classes primarily focuses on traditional Yoga taught by Phuong Nguyen, also known as Durga (a name given to Phuong by her yoga swami). Durga is a qualified Yoga instructor with over 10 years working experience.

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Our classes are for all ages and all level of experiences; conducted in a calm, caring, and relaxed atmosphere.

Members have the option to choose from any classes in the schedule, as all classes are conducted with different level of postures from easy to hard, it is tailored for everyone in mind. 

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About Yoga

Yoga originated from India. It is the ancient practice of the mind and body that translate to tangible physical and health benefits. Yoga Asana means yoga postures. All postures are developed from traditional yoga, which mostly focuses on different combination of movements and maintaining different postures, while concentrating on various parts of the body and health. Altogether, it flows with the same source and target.

Yoga comes with many benefits such as improving your flexibility, strength, posture, balance; increases your blood flow; helps with your focus; relaxes your system; releases tension; builds your core, self awareness, and many more health benefits.

To positively participate in our yoga classes, members are asked to please take into consideration our advice below:

  • Please do not eat too much or be fasting before class.
  • We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that is soft/stretchable with sweat absorbency.
  • We recommend you bring your own yoga mat for your own level of comfort and hygiene, a towel to wipe your sweat and a water bottle to keep hydrated.  
  • Please do not use your mobile phone and have it switched off or set to silent.
  • Practice according to your personal limit, do not rush, do not apply pressure on yourself and do not compare yourself with other members.
  • Love yourself and respect other people.

Duration: 60 minutes (some classes will include 15 minutes breathing-regulation practice and meditation).

Languages: Vietnamese and English.