About Us

About our logo:

“人” (nhân) means human in Vietnamese.
“Nhân” also appears in several Vietnamese words. For instance: “nhân
nghĩa” (humanity), “nhân tâm” (Kindness) and “nhân cách” (Personality).
In the design, “nhân” places at the center of the logo, reflecting three petals of the lotus.

In addition, all elements combine to the shape of human meditating. The logo design expresses explicitly the Eastern-oriented style.
Yellow color expresses the purity and humankind.
Brown color reflects the earth, genuineness and nature.

About our name:

“Thien Tam” (translated from Vietnamese means “Meditation Heart”) – spiritual light comes from within, enlighten all emotions, actions, life and attitude: is the door to world with peace, freedom and trust.

Yoga is the science of the soul, originated from India. The word yoga refers to the union of individual consciousness with divine consciousness. Breathing regulations and body postures (Asana) being both fundamental instruments that connects the Inner Soul ( Ātman) to the Universal Soul (Brahman), it is the bridge to Universal Wisdom and self-awareness.

Yoga comes with many benefits such as improving your flexibility, strength, posture, balance; increases your blood flow; helps with your focus; relaxes your system; releases tension; builds your core, self awareness and many more health benefits.

Meditation is the science of attaining spiritual consciousnesses from within, by means of controlled breathing and body regulations. The result is healing the mind’s inner feelings, creating the connection that brings the body to a balanced state with a stabled mind.

Meditation helps you practice to be the master of your mind and body; to become the master of your emotions, attitude and your actions; to become the master of your life with a positive attitude, well-being and lifestyle; and to find your balance.

About our location:

Thien Tam is centred in Cabramatta – a place where there is a vast diversity in the community. It is a community raised by strength, traditions and long- standing culture. It has a strong community spirit with different nationalities and languages, with the pride of being in Australia.

Level 1, 8/86 John Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166 Australia

Opening Hours:
Please refer to class schedule and visit us prior to the commencement of classes. We are open 30 mins before the class begins to assist you with any queries you may have.


We are honoured and proud to become a finalist in the 2021 Local Business Awards for outstanding fitness services in Fairfield City voted by our community. Thank you to our members for their love and support.

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