Pilates HIIT Solid Core

What is “Solid Core”?

In response to the requests received from our valued members, we were inspired to design this class to work hard, burn high calories, reduce fat, gain muscle, shape your body, strengthen your mind and well-being.

We are pleased to have this new reformed class to elevate your practice and work on your targets.


Class Duration: 45 minutes 

Type: HIIT exercise + Pilates program.

Equipment: Resistant bands, weights, blocks, straps.

Workout on your mat to maintain hygiene. 

Workout to music.

For New Members, why not try our classes with an introduction pass for $65. This gives you 2 weeks unlimited access to our classes (Yoga and Solid Core). After your trial, if you wish to continue your practice, you can sign up to one of our membership passes.

* Unlimited Pass Solid Core Only: $40 weekly 

* Unlimited Pass Yoga & Solid Core: $47 weekly

* 10 Classes Pass Yoga or Solid Core: $250 / 3 months